Glitter Blue Acrylic with laser cutting only - 600x400mm

Glitter Blue Acrylic with laser cutting only - 600x400mm

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3mm thick acrylic sheet with your own laser cutting designs.

Download our template below, follow the instruction in our File Setup Guide to add your designs to the template, then upload your file below.

Adobe Illustrator Template - Inkscape Template - Coreldraw Template


All our Acrylic plastic sheets (PMMA) are manufactured in England or Germany to ensure high quality material perfect for laser cutting & printing.

When laser cutting the Acrylic edge is the same colour as the surface colour with a glossy clean look. Please note when laser cutting we always add a protective tape on both sides to ensure it does not become scratched in manufacturing.

Acylic has a thicknes tolerance of +/-0.5mm ( +/- 1mm for Glitter & Flake acrylic) Very small details can be creted with Acrylic but due to the properties of Acrylic it can be brittle in small parts.