Due to plywood being made of a natural material that has varying density it is possible some edges of the laser cut parts are darker than normal, have small hollow areas or may have small chips where the laser hasn’t cut all the way through. Acrylic plastic has a thickness tolerance of +/- 0.5mm or +/- 1mm in glitter & flake acrylic, keep this in mind when designing items that are meant to slot together or are to be used in special tolerance applications.

Our production quality standard is -5%, for example if a sheet has 80 items within it, you may receive up to 4 items that may have small defects. (Normally a client receives 100% perfect items in the majority of orders).

All products and materials are designed for interior use, they should not come in contact with chemicals or solvents as this may effect the material or printed artwork.

Produced items will arrive with a protective cover attached. This must be removed as soon as possible to not damage the material surface.

Artwork & Printing

We do not edit or modify your artwork and / or printing colours. We advise clients to always use RGB colour settings in their artwork for best results. 

Wood and coloured acrylics which are not white will effect the way your printed design will appear. Normally this will make colours look slightly darker, especially compared to how they may look on a computer screen.

We advise that if you are unsure of how your artwork will look printed on your chosen material, you should request a sample before making your order. We do not edit or modify artwork before printing.

Our printing inks have achieved a sustainability GREEN GUARD Gold Certification. Low emissions for sensitive indoor applications such as schools, hospitals and hotels. We only use the highest quality certified sustainable sourced wood with M1 class low VOC emission. Our products do not have any food safety and/or child safety certificates. They should not be used with direct contact to food.

We have an alignment accuracy of +/- 0.5mm, we strongly advise that for any items that have a print extending to the edge of the product, a bleed no less than 1mm is added to the artwork.

Returns & Refunds

All products are produced accurately according to the artwork supplied. If there are errors in the design that was given to us, the product is considered to be successfully produced, It is the responsibility of the designer to ensure the artwork is correct before making the order.

If you receive items that do not match your artwork, or have any defects in the production over the 5% quality tolerance. You must contact us within 7 days of receiving the order.

If you receive damaged package please contact us right away, with photos of the damage to the product and packaging.

Under EU’s consumer rights law, custom-made products cannot be returned for refund as the items cannot be reused or resold. If the product has been accurately produced to the artwork given and there are no production defects. The items cannot be returned.

If it is found that there are more than 5% items with defects within a sheet, then the consumer can choose two possible refund options:

  1. You can return the full sheet within 14 days and we will remake and send the new items free of charge. (We will give a credit note for your return postage cost).

  2. We can give a discount on your next order or give a credit note, based on the % amount of defected items.

You must contact us within 7 days of recieving the order.
You must return the items within 14 days of recieving the order.

When making an order on this website you are choosing to accept these terms & conditions. 

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