1mm Birch Plywood

1mm Birch Plywood

2mm Birch Plywood Reading 1mm Birch Plywood 1 minute

Thin layers of Finnish birch veneer cross laminated to produce a strong plywood board. The highest 'AB' quality surface finish means the surface has a smooth even colour free from discolorations, knots or patches that are found in lower quality grades.

PEFC certified sustainably sourced wood.

Once laser cut the edge is clean in a dark brown colour. Printing gives slightly darker colour reproduction.

Available for: Laser cutting, Single sided printing, Double sided printing.

Sheet size available online: 300x200mm - 720x470mm
Maximum sheet size (email orders) 1000x600mm
Thicknesses available: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm
Availability: Always in Stock
Made in: Finland
More information: PEFC certified, AB surface quality


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